Body shape form

Beautiful, strong, unique, expressive, confident, graceful, powerful, inspiring, authentic, captivating.

History of photography timeline

The establishment of Fuji Photo film and their expansion into cameras and lenses in the 1930s had a significant impact on our lives today. It contributed to the development and accessibility of photography as a medium for capturing and preserving moments. With the availability and preserving moments. With the availability of Fuji film, cameras, and lenses, people were able to document their experiences, create memories, and share them with others.

Alphabet Photography


5 things I learned in photo class would be how to use a camera, how to edit my photos, What ISO and aperture I need for inside or outside photos, the camera modes, and how to shoot in a studio.

Camera Modes- Read & Write

Auto mode is a convenient option for many camera owners. It allows the camera to make the best choices for settings like shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and more. When you switch to portrait mode, your camera automatically chooses a wide aperture, which creates a shallow depth of field. Landscape mode is like the opposite of portrait mode. It sets the camera with a small aperture (big  number) to ensure that as much of the scene as possible is in focus, giving you a large depth of field. Sports mode, or action mode, is perfect for capturing moving objects. It’s great for photographing sports, pets, cars, wildfire, and more. Night mode is so much fun to experiment with. Its perfect for capturing colorful and interesting shots in lowlight situations. Movie mode allows you to capture moving images with sound. Aperture priority mode is like a semi- automatic mode where you get to choose the aperture, and your camera takes care of the other settings like shutter speed. Program mode is like a slightly more advanced version of auto mode. It gives you a little more control over features like flash, white balance, and ISO. Manual mode gives you complete control over your camera. You get to adjust settings like shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and more. Its perfect for when you want full flexibility and creative control over your shots.

Self Portrait with text

25 words to describe me I would say kind, intelligent, creative, determined, curious, open-minded, friendly, nice, thoughtful, respectful, thoughtful, generous, loyal, positive, trustworthy, supportive, humble, caring, imaginative, adventurous, compassionate, kind- hearted, confident, passionate, and inspiring.


Conceptual self portrait

This photo relates to me because for those that know me, know that I love makeup. I would say every weekend I go to Ulta. I would say that’s one of my favorite makeup store. But the things you see in the picture are some of my makeup products I use daily. My favorite makeup product would be my lips, doing different lip combos. I know many people say like oh you don’t need makeup to feel pretty, and I know, but for me wearing makeup makes me happy, like it adds a better look to my outfit, or you glow different. But one thing is I can’t do makeup on other people, just me. It would not come out, because lowkey I kinda struggle on myself.

Out of all her photographs, this one stood out to me. I didn’t really like the clown ones, but I would stay those stood out more because of the bright colors and makes you look into the picture and think like why did she do this. This picture I like because its like a warm vintage color, like she’s looking at something, and with the building in the back makes it look more cool. I think the outfit or what she’s wearing matches the color of the picture.


3 National Geographic cover

I like this cover because it makes me want to read the article. And I would like to learn about this place. The cover is nice the water and the buildings.

I like this cover. I find it really cool, because it’s something we usually don’t see, he’s out of the spacecraft. I get chills seeing this. Like it makes you think what will happen next.

I like this cover because i really don’t know what it is, so i would want to know what it is, all I see is like houses and smoke. Or maybe its like how everything started to become land, cause i see water.